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MLA for Fort Whyte
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Excited to see @Min_Pedersen in The Pas to announce our Northern Manitoba Tourism Strategy! #mbpoli The LIVE launch is on his Facebook page with the press release below 👇 bit.ly/2k92fB9 twitter.com/min_pedersen/s…

Thank you to @TheWpgChamber for hosting a fantastic event! It was my pleasure to deliver the #SOTP2017 and look forward to us building towards the future of Manitoba. #mbpoli

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Proud to announce two of Manitoba’s most accomplished business leaders-Dave Angus and Barb Gamey-will lead the efforts to craft a bold and modern approach to economic development that will address today’s challenges & take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. #mbpoli #SOTP2017

The commissioned report performed by Deloitte undertook a comprehensive review of Manitoba’s economic development efforts, and recommended a new, modern and bold economic growth strategy be developed #mbpoli #SOTP2017

This is the BEST time in the world to be alive, in the BEST country, in the BEST province. Everyone has a chance to make a difference. #mbpoli #SOTP2017

Emergency rooms illustrate the genuine need for healthcare. Manitobans should not have to wait longer than every other Canadian. Our government is taking the necessary steps to reduce wait times in ERs. #mbpoli #SOTP2017

Accepting the status quo is fighting for the perpetuation of a failed system. Manitobans deserve a healthcare system that will last, not healthcare that is last. #mbpoli #SOTP2017

Austere is where we were. Recovery is where we are now. #mbpoli #STOP2017

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