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MLA for Fort Whyte
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The Order of Manitoba is our province’s highest honour, recognizing the contributions of those who have demonstrated excellence in their field and who have contributed to the social, cultural or economic well-being of our province. WATCH 📺 youtu.be/1iyPvbTf1EI #mbpoli

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Robb Nash, O.M., uses music to help kids address issues like bullying, addiction, self-harm and suicide. That’s why @RobbNashLOA is one of this year’s recipients of the Order of Manitoba, our province’s highest honour. WATCH 📺 #OrderofManitoba #mbpoli

Substantial work done at Premiers’ meeting this year. Real progress made on lowering internal trade barriers on alcohol, transportation, workplace safety, ag and other sectors. In the face of outside threats to free trade, we need to get our own house in order #mbpoli #cdnpoli

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La plus haute distinction de la province, l'Ordre du Manitoba, reconnaît ceux qui enrichissent le bien-être social, culturel ou économique de notre province. L'un des récipiendaires cette année est Jacqueline Blay, O.M., une historienne francophone primée de Winnipeg. 📺 #mbpoli

The province’s highest honour, the Order of Manitoba recognizes those who enrich the social, cultural or economic well-being of our province. One of this year’s recipients is Jacqueline Blay, O.M., an award-winning francophone historian. WATCH 📺 #OrderofManitoba #mbpoli

A great announcement for our communities. Watch 📺 #mbpoli twitter.com/min_jwharton/s…

Our people were out in full force on Canada Day! 🇨🇦 #TBT to a beautiful day in a beautiful province. Watch 📺 #CanadaDay2018 #mbpoli

Good chat with @fordnation and new colleague Doug Ford on important issues facing our country. Looking forward to our discussions tomorrow at @cof2018 #cdnpoli #mbpoli

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We had some special visitors to the MB Legislature during the break. 🐶 New recruit puppies Bane and Sparta from the @wpgpolice K-9 Unit stopped by to show off their skills and how cute they are! WATCH 📺 #WPSK9 #K9 #WinnipegPolice

Congratulations to the MLA-elect for St. Boniface @DFLamont. I look forward to welcoming you to the MB Legislature. #mbpoli

With my colleagues Dwight Ball, NL, and Rachel Notley, AB and the Acadian Giant Robert Maillet at Pays de La Sagouine just before a productive meeting with indigenous representatives at #CoF 2018 in Bouctouche, NB #cdnpoli #mbpoli

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Thank you to @MamadouKaWinpeg and the @PC_Manitoba team for their hard work and enthusiasm in St. Boniface. #mbpoli

We need to get this done. #cdnpoli #mbpoli twitter.com/CVAwine/status…

Spoke to @KatieCBC on @PnPCBC on eve of CoF. With turmoil and uncertainty in international trade, we need to demonstrate our commitment to free trade by walking the talk at home. Breaking down internal trade barriers my priority for this Premiers’ meeting #cdnpoli #mbpoli twitter.com/pnpcbc/status/…

Happy 4th of July to all our American friends and neighbours. Our long, peaceful, mutually beneficial relationship endures. #FourthofJuly 🇺🇸

The writ has dropped! Social media 🤳🏻silence for the next few weeks due to our by-election rules. 🗳 BUT we’ll be back on July 18th with a +1! 👍🏻

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After 60 years of inaction by previous governments, I am proud to announce historic funding - $540 million - to build the Lake Manitoba Outlet Channel. It’s a promise we made in the 2016 election campaign and today we keep our promise. #mbpoli

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