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We are heartbroken to hear of the death of a railway worker in last night’s derailment near Wabowden. Our condolences go to his family and friends. We wish a full recovery to his co-worker, and express our appreciation to the brave first responders who attended at the scene.

Proud of HyLife’s expansion here in Neepawa — evidence that we are attracting private sector investment in Manitoba and our rural economy is growing. bit.ly/2p8AhIU #mbpoli

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#TBT to Tuesday’s visit with @JustinTrudeau. Here’s some photos from the day. Watch 📺 #mbpoli #cdnpoli

Happy to host @JustinTrudeau today. We had a productive meeting on key issues that affect Manitobans. Watch the highlights here 📺 #mbpoli 🌾 #cdnpoli🇨🇦

With our talented workforce & our clean renewable energy, we’re showing Canada 🇨🇦 and the world 🌎 that Manitoba is open for business! 700+ jobs are created as @CanadaGooseInc opens its 3rd manufacturing facility in #Winnipeg! Watch 📺 #mbpoli 🌾 @JustinTrudeau #cdnpoli 🇨🇦

The official opening of @CanadaGooseInc’s third and largest manufacturing facility in Winnipeg. 700 new jobs. MB’s economy is attracting private investment. We’re moving in the right direction! #mbpoli

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As sunset draws near, a wish to everyone celebrating #RoshHashanah a healthy, happy and sweet New Year! 🍯

Today, we lost a great Manitoban. It was my privilege to award Ab McDonald the Order of the Buffalo Hunt in 2016. A four-time Stanley Cup champion and a member of the @MBHHOF, Ab loved his community and spent 40-plus years supporting @SpecOManitoba. Rest In Peace Ab.

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Great to meet with my friend, @CPC_HQ leader @AndrewScheer on Friday. We’re committed to working together to enhance trade, improve healthcare and lower taxes for all Canadians. Proud of our partnership.

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4/4) We fully recognize and applaud the federal government, including @jimcarr_wpg, for its efforts to facilitate this transaction. #mbpoli

3/4) We are hopeful that the repair and service of the rail line will occur soon. However, we want to reassure the people of Churchill & surrounding communities that we have made the financial commitments and arrangements to ensure propane re-supply for the winter. #mbpoli

2/4) We have consistently advocated that the federal government has a jurisdictional responsibility regarding the re-establishment of rail service to Churchill and securing the future of the port for the benefit of Manitoba and the rest of Canada. #mbpoli

1/4)The conclusion of this transaction for the Churchill rail line is extremely positive for all Manitobans and in particular for the people of Churchill. They have endured challenging circumstances for a very long time and we have stood with them. #mbpoli

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. Let’s pause and remember those Manitobans we have tragically lost to overdose. #OverdoseAware #EndOverdose @OverdoseDay

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2/2 On behalf of all Manitobans, I extend my thoughts and prayers to the officer and his family. I wish to thank his colleagues, first responders and health professionals for their incredible efforts.

1/2 Early this morning I was advised that an officer of the @rcmpmb was seriously wounded in the line of duty, near Onanole, Manitoba. This is a stark reminder of the danger that police officers face each and every day in their work to keep us all safe.

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