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MLA for Fort Whyte
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Best in Canada! Congratulations @umbisons women’s hockey team on a historic national championship win today! First time in program history, what an amazing achievement. #gobisons twitter.com/canadawest/sta…

My deepest condolences to the family of Bev Desjarlais. A dedicated public servant who always put Manitobans first and fervently stood by her beliefs and convictions. Rest peacefully, Bev. #mbpoli #cdnpoli

Good Luck!! #gobisons twitter.com/umbisons/statu…

Happy #StPatricksDay Manitoba! Have FUN✅ & Be SAFE✅

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The last time you took your family out to dine on a Saturday night, did you choose a government cafeteria over a private restaurant? #mbpoli /3

Private sector beats the public sector every time when it comes to customer service, competitive pricing and product choice. Our public sector will regulate, our private sector will retail. Best of both worlds. #mbpoli /2

@Kathleen_Wynne’s comments yesterday on private sector retail of cannabis being reckless takes a shot at Manitoba’s system. You know who else doesn’t like our plan? Organized crime. Higher prices of Ontario’s government monopoly will keep black market business booming #mbpoli /1

Manitoba lost a good neighbour and a great friend last week with passing of George Bud Sinner. While governor of North Dakota, his cooperative approach to border relations was invaluable and benefits Manitoba to this day. #mbpoli

Nailed it! 🤣 Still getting a hang of this selfie thing but look at our great team! 📸 #mbpoli

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We're reducing taxes while investing more in health, eduction, and families. We are on track to reduce the PST in our first term and balance the budget in our second. We’ve kept our commitments and we’re keeping our promises. #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

In key economic categories such as manufacturing investment, private capital investment and wage growth, we have moved from near the bottom of the provincial rankings to the top third. We’re moving in the right direction! #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

We’re announcing the creation of a working group to partner with our government to help guide the Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax into the future! #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

Our government recognizes the positive impact of film production in Manitoba! #MBBudget2018 commits nearly $16 million for the Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit #mbpoli

Cultural activity directly employs more than 22,000 Manitobans — more than 3 per cent of our workforce! #MBBudget2018 will fund approx. $20 million in arts and cultural capital projects, all throughout Manitoba #mbpoli

#MBBudget2018 advances the diversity, competitiveness and sustainability of our agri-food industries through initiatives like the new Sustainable Agriculture Incentives Program. #mbpoli

We are a government that continues to respect the vital role of agriculture in our economy. The Ag industry employs over 33,000 Manitobans and generates $6 billion in economic activity. #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

Budget 2018 funds critical municipal infrastructure investments that will maximize value for money and return on investment, while ensuring that municipalities have “fair say” on the projects that matter to them most. #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

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