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MLA for Fort Whyte
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Normally I write with my left and pitch with my right, but today... #MBThrone17 #mbpoli gov.mb.ca/thronespeech/

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We are up for the task and together we will build a better place for all of us, for generations to come. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

The challenges we face are many but these times call for ambition. And they call for courage. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

We will work with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and the Treaty Relations Commissioner of Manitoba to implement the treaty education initiative. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

We look forward to consultations on night hunting, shared regional wildlife management, and other initiatives to enhance safety and conservation of our fish and wildlife resources. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

Our government remains committed to establishing a renewed and strengthened Duty-to-Consult Framework for respectful and productive consultations with Indigenous communities. This will provide clear direction to government departments about the Crown’s duty. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

It sets out a made-in-Manitoba approach to climate change that respects clean energy investments already made by Manitobans and actively reduces carbon emissions while growing our economy. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

Our government recently released the most comprehensive, long-term Climate and Green Plan in Manitoba history covering climate, jobs, water and nature. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

The growing world demand for protein provides our livestock industry with tremendous opportunities in new production and processing jobs, new facilities and enhanced municipal revenues. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

Recent investments – including the $400 million Roquette pea processing plant, the largest single private sector investment in Manitoba history -- totalled nearly three quarters of a billion dollars. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

Manitoba is attracting attention in Canada and beyond as a great place for new investments in protein processing from plant, livestock and dairy sources. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

Through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), Manitoba and Canada are collaborating to invest $176 million in the Manitoba agriculture industry over the next five years. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

This government respects and understands the importance of agriculture to the provincial economy. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

We look forward to the forthcoming report of the Manitoba College Education Review, and will bring forward improvements to make our college system more responsive to our students and the demands of the marketplace. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

We will report on what we heard from Manitobans during our cultural policy review, and bring forward a renewed cultural policy framework to enhance this important sector of our economy. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

We will streamline our application procedures for immigrants who want to establish new economic opportunities in Manitoba. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

A key priority of this government is working with Northern Manitobans to unlock the economic potential this region holds. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

We are working closely with the City of Brandon and Provincial Exhibition so it can continue to attract national and international events, such as the 2019 Tim Horton’s Brier. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

We will restructure our economic development efforts so they are more effective in delivering new investments in the City of Winnipeg, the capital region and rural and northern Manitoba. #MBThrone17 #MBpoli

We support the “Repositioning of Francophone Tourism” initiative, spearheaded by Enterprise Riel in collaboration with Travel Manitoba. This project places Manitoba’s historic Francophone community at the heart of a new tourism strategy. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

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